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Order of Service

Presidents and their Religions

Welcome From a Board Member                             Terry Mark

Greeting from Kevin

Prelude # 343                                         “A Firemist and a Planet”


We ring the gong three times:

Once for those who came before us and made a place for us

Once for those who are here now

Once for those who will come after us and build on the dream.

Chalice Lighting                                                                  Steve Cripe

Unison Covenant                                                              

    Love is the spirit of this church,

And service is its law.

To dwell together in peace,

To seek the truth in love,

And to help one another:

                 This is our covenant           

Offering /Offertory                           Patty and Chris French
*Hymn # 287                                     “Faith of the Larger Liberty”
Sermon                                   Our Presidents’ Religions

Hymn # 121                                “We’ll Build a Land”


Postlude         “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” by  Justin Hurwitz, arr. Mario Stallbaumerplayed by Lizzie French

Hymn Lyrics

# 343            A Firemist and a Planet

    A firemist and a planet, a crystal and a cell,

    a starfish and a saurian, and caves where ancients dwelt;

    the sense of law and beauty, a face turned from the sod —

    some call it evolution, and others call it God.

    Haze on the far horizon, the infinite tender sky,

    the ripe, rich tints of cornfields, and wild geese sailing high;

    and over high and lowland, the charm of goldenrod —

    some people call it autumn, and others call it God.

    Like tides on crescent seabeach, when moon’s so new and thin,

    into our hearts high yearnings come welling, surging in,

    come from the mystic ocean whose rim no foot has trod —

    some people call it longing, and others call it God.

    A sentry lone and frozen, a mother starved for her brood,

    and Socrates’ dread hemlock, and Jesus on the rood;

    and millions, who, though nameless, the straight, hard pathway trod —

    some call it consecration, and others call it God.

#287 Faith of the Larger Liberty

    Faith of the larger liberty, source of the light expanding,

    law of the church that is to be, old bondage notwithstanding:

    faith of the free! By thee we live —

    by all thou givest and shalt give our loyalty commanding.

    Heroes of faith in every age, far-seeing, self-denying,

    wrought an increasing heritage, monarch and creed defying.

    Faith of the free! In thy dear name

    the costly heritage we claim: their living and their dying.

    Faith for the people everywhere, whatever their oppression,

    of all who make the world more fair, living their faith’s confession:

    faith of the free! Whate’er our plight,

    thy law, thy liberty, thy light shall be our blest possession.

#121  We’ll Build a Land

    We’ll build a land where we bind up the broken.

    We’ll build a land where the captives go free,

    where the oil of gladness dissolves all mourning.

    Oh, we’ll build a promised land that can be.


    Come build a land where sisters and brothers,

    anointed by God, may then create peace:

    where justice shall roll down like waters,

    and peace like an ever flowing stream.

    We’ll build a land where we bring the good tidings

    to all the afflicted and all those who mourn.

    And we’ll give them garlands instead of ashes.

    Oh, we’ll build a land where peace is born.


    We’ll be a land building up ancient cities,

    raising up devastations from old;

    restoring ruins of generations.

    Oh, we’ll build a land of people so bold.


    Come, build a land where the mantles of praises

    resound from spirits once faint and once weak;

    where like oaks of righteousness stand her people.

    Oh, come build the land, my people we seek.