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Lifespan Religious Education in a COVID-safe manner

The Lifespan Religious Education Committee, chaired by Judy Darnel, has been hard at work to provide ways to come back from the isolation of this past year.  

Among the activities under consideration are: COVID-safe versions of Science and Society, an Easter afternoon sharing of “The … read more.

Spiritual Resilience | Minister’s Blog

This month we are thinking about the theme of resilience.  It implies that there will be tough times during which we need to be resilient.  And we have those, to be sure. So then, resiliency means the combination of having the ability to bounce … read more.

In Awe of You | Minister’s Blog

As a child I recalled looking forward to going to particular places to enjoy certain things.  The amusement park near my Grandparents’ house in Massachusetts was where I would get to take all of my quarters and play skee ball.  The County Park near our … read more.

Attention | Minister’s Blog

A favorite author of my youth, Tom Robbins, wrote, “Once one pays some attention to something, then you begin to see evidence of it everywhere.”

To put it another way, from the Music Man, “There were bells on a hill but I never heard them ringing…Till … read more.