The service begins at 10 a.m. Sunday, May 8, 2022, in-person and on Zoom.

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Order of Service

Gathering Music – “Mama Liked the Roses” Elvis Presley

Welcome from a Board Member – Mike Darnel

Fellowship Life – Judy Darnel

Gong –

We ring the gong three times:

Once for those who came before us and made a place for us.

Once for those who are here now,

And once for those who will come after us and build on the dream.

Chalice Lighting – Chuck Bower

Hymn # 78 “Color and Fragrance” 

Unison Covenant –

Love is the spirit of this church,

And service is its law.

To dwell together in peace,

To seek the truth in love,

And to help one another:

This is our covenant.

Message Part 1 – “The Story of Norbert Capek’s Flower Ceremony”

Flower Procession – Receiving of Flowers

Message Part 2 – Mother’s Day History

Hymn # 409 – “Sleep My Child” 

Benediction – Meditation – Let Us Tell the Stories of Mothers

Postlude – Beethoven’s “Piano Sonata in D minor” Lizzie French