Our topic this month is wisdom, and while deciding what to write about, I found a piece my colleague, the Rev. Karen G. Johnston sent to her congregation about the CORONAVIRUS. I have adapted it for us, hoping that we will not fall into fear and misinformation, rather choosing science and wisdom.  And love. 

Some practical information:

If you are sick, stay home – from work, from school, from UUFE.  You care not only for yourself this way, you care for those with whom you would have come into contact.  Not everybody you encounter has a strong immune system.  Consider the impact of your germs on others.

Reach out by phone or email to let someone know you are ill ~ that includes me (Rev. Amy), if you’d like.  Just because you are sick, doesn’t mean you have to be isolated.

Wash your hands often.  Ideally with non-anti-bacterial soap and running water.  If that is not available, then alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Maintain a social distance of three or more feet from someone who is coughing or showing other symptoms; check in with that person to see if they need help to ensure they are getting what they need to recover.

Notice how often you touch your face – we all touch our faces way more than you would ever think. Your awareness may help reduce this behavior, which is one of the ways any virus is spread.

There’s more you can do.  One piece of advice I have been consistently reading is stocking up, if you can, on your regular medicines.  This will help if, for any reason, you aren’t able to get to the pharmacy for an extended period of time.  

Lastly, if your anxiety about this, or anything else going on in the world, is at a breaking point, or just feeling too much, you are not alone. Reach out to someone you trust.  Risk connection.  Make some time to hang out with me and the rest of your Beloved Community.  We’re all in this together.

In peace, with love and Purell,

Rev. Amy