This month we are thinking about the theme of resilience.  It implies that there will be tough times during which we need to be resilient.  And we have those, to be sure. So then, resiliency means the combination of having the ability to bounce back from failure or crisis, and how quickly it happens, plus maybe the hope that a lesson or insight was gained for the next time resiliency will be needed.  Because there will be a next time, a next crisis. Resilient people know that and are ready.

From the World Health Organization: “for many people, religion, personal beliefs and spirituality are a source of comfort, wellbeing, security, meaning, sense of belonging, purpose and strength.”  Those of us involved with UUFE can affirm this. 

We are resilient when we do not let stress and all of its manifestations (Oh, there are so many ways that stress hampers resiliency!) overwhelm us during a crisis.  

Some of the ways to keep our spirits up and avoid becoming easily overwhelmed involves being in community, like those who find positivity at UUFE.  Of course, introspection and maybe prayer or meditation is important, but so is being with fellow believers (in whatever we also believe.)  

Interactions with others helps us discern how to have control over ourselves.  Stress rises when we feel out of control—we strengthen ourselves by interacting and growing so that our own stress level is low.  Through that self-knowledge we learn what we need so that we feel more safe, we assert ourselves compassionately and within relationship and covenant.  Once we feel safe, we can accept changes more easily and be more resilient. Church involvement makes us more self-confident. Just look at how folks gain the confidence to take on helper and leadership roles!

Then when we handle our own resiliency so well that we help another person feel better or ease pain and suffering, we grow stronger along with them, and the community grows, too.  Win-win!

Come to church—be resilient!  Help someone else be resilient, too.  See you around the fellowship!

In peace with love, 

Rev. Amy