When the UUFE Board of Trustees searches for the ideal candidate for Volunteer of the Month, they generally look for someone who works behind the scenes without drawing too much attention to themselves and that’s exactly what we did this month.

Did you know that Henry DeBeck is a key member of the Tech Crew, behind the scenes, at the filming  and presentation of each weekly service? Well, he is!  He is doing this so that he can be of service to the Fellowship and make sure the services go as smoothly as possible!

In addition, he’s been a reliable volunteer with the lawn care this summer. He mows the main lawns around the buildings, which allows someone else to mow the side lawns and helps cut down on the total elapsed time spent on that task.

We also have it on good authority that, as a pet sitter, he is known as the “Cat Whisperer”

Congratulations, Henry, for being our Volunteer of the Month for October 2021!