The Board dragged a reluctant Board Trustee, Terry Mark, into the spotlight this month to honor his consistent effort in putting together the inaugural Leadership Training Class at UUFE. Although there were lots of other folks who contributed to the effort, with the preparation of presentations and coordination of food for the hungry participants, it was Terry’s persistence and determination that made the course, on May 11 and 12 a success.

The original plan was to have the course in early March but Mother Nature changed the plan by flooding both of the UUFE basements and rearranging our priorities so that the schedule needed to be pushed into May. The classes included some Unitarian/Universalist and UUFE history along with some great ideas for current and future leaders in the Fellowship dealing with Covenants, Conflict Management, and how to prepare and run a good committee meeting. We all hope this will be the first of a series of these courses at the Fellowship. Thanks Terry for your hard work. Also thanks to all the presenters and food coordinators for your able assistance.