Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? Or through binoculars? Or at discs in an old-fashioned ViewMaster? All of these items trick our vision with sights and images and perspectives that are not our usual, expected sights.

Experiencing a life-changing situation is like that, too. All of a sudden the whole world looks different. Our way of seeing the world can tilt in an instant and we have to adjust accordingly. Vision means the physical sense of seeing something, but it is also the practice of forming or holding onto a plan, a dream, or a goal that has not been made manifest except in our mind’s eye. Our visions adjust with new experiences and new information. It may get clearer or harder to see, it may get bigger than originally thought, or it may get into a more precise focus.

Think of the times you had a vision for something and, as you worked toward it, you had to change it because of new developments. This is what ministry is like. Specifically, ours at UUFE and mine as your leader.

We have historically elevated religious education for young people as a cornerstone of our fellowship. Our vision includes hiring a qualified person to focus attention on our kids and youth, but we have not found that person…or they have not found us. In the interim, we will still grow and learn together. What is your vision for the community you want to see and be part of at UUFE?

Does your vision include working with kids? Or being a student again? Does it include ex-ploring some aspect of UU religious life not met through Sunday service or adult programs now?

My vision is not clear— I need your help so that my focus can sharpen.

UUFE, what is your vision for the religious education of the kids, youth, and adults of UUFE? Brainstorming ideas does not mean you will be responsible for them—just share your vision. Brighten my pathways, as the hymn says. Call, text, email, or come and talk to me. Let’s do this!

In peace,

Rev. Amy