I wanted to provide everyone an update on the town hall meeting last Sunday, February 23.

We should all be very proud of the turnout. I didn’t get a count, but we had three groups of about a dozen people each, so I’m going to say there were at least 36. Thank you to everyone who came to this and contributed. We all missed those who couldn’t attend.

That’s the main reason for this update because, for all the great work we did, we’re not actually done, and we really want as much input as possible before the next meeting.

“Building on the Dream” is really an ongoing conversation about the future of our beloved community.

Here’s a link to the slideshow presented at the town hall meeting.

We started by talking about the many major events that have happened, especially to the physical campus. We also reviewed our financial situation. This was to give us all a good snapshot of where things are. There are some printouts of the slide deck available if you missed last Sunday.

To start the discussion, we talked about what brought each of us to UUFE as well as what we thought the community would miss if UUFE was not there.

The meat of the discussion, though, is what we envision for the future — what our programming, ministry and physical campus would look like. The top ideas are displayed on the easel in the foyer.

There are green stickers for each of us to express our preferences for those ideas. We ask you to use no more than three per person.

The plan is to have a follow-up meeting on Sunday, March 22, following the service to see where we are, affirm our future direction and move us toward Building on the Dream.