On Oct. 8, 2006, I was ordained to the UU ministry. My ordaining congregation was the UU Church of Loudoun (Leesburg, Va.) and the service was held at UU Congregation of Fairfax (Oakton, Va).

The night before, at the physical location of the Loudoun church, we had a wonderful variety show/open mic night with delicious Italian food. The whole weekend is one of the happiest memories of my life.

The picture I love best and hold as most sacred to me was taken during the laying on of hands. At the last moment, walking in, my beloved and respected colleague/supervisor asked if I would be kneeling or standing for her words and actions. In an instant I answered, kneeling. The photo shows my eyes closed and Rev. Roberta’s hand on my head.

From that moment onward I have accepted the call to ministry by the God of my understanding and by the beloved community of Unitarian Universalists.

This month’s theme is healing.

As I reflect on the month containing UUFE’s Founders Day at the beginning and All Hallows’ Eve at the end, with my ordination anniversary in the middle, I will look to the past. I will recall the joys but also the pains. I will recall those whose deaths hurt me or us — we, the living, even as their pain ended. And I will feel gratitude for those who walked with me through healing of those pains. I feel gratitude to you for allowing me and us into your pains.

May healing always be done in the company of others, in beloved community.

In love and peace,

Rev. Amy