As most of you know we have changed the timing for the Ooey-Gooey auction from the springtime back to the original autumn timeframe (more on that at a later date). 

This spring we hope you will include us on your schedule for Saturday June 8, 2019 from 5 pm until 8 pm for a special fundraising event. 

We are hosting the musical group Three Legged Chair. As many of you remember, this group from Goshen performed for us earlier this spring as part of our Sunday Service and they were a hit.

Three-Legged Chair is made up of three longtime friends and musicians—Gloria Showalter, Hillary Harder, and Maeve King. Three-Legged Chair combines three-part vocal harmony with folk, Latin, and musical theatre influences to create a musical environment that feels intimate and familiar. A three-legged chair symbolizes the mutual support and interdependence that the band embodies. They invite audiences into this reality through their thoughtful lyrics, lush harmonies, and the love they have for each other and their listeners. Three Legged Chair will perform beginning at 6 pm that evening. We will be distributing flyers for the event throughout Goshen and Elkhart so that our neighbors may also come to enjoy the concert.

The schedule for the evening will include refreshments.  We plan to have sub sandwiches, pinwheels, chips, sweet treats and soft drinks as well as adult beverages a la carte for a free will, suggested donation which will be posted.  Adult admission of $15.00 each will be charged at the door.  Seniors (over 62 years) are $10.00 each and children under 12 will be admitted free.  Doors will open at 5:00 pm.  We will begin serving food at 5:00 so you can enjoy it while you visit with friends.  The band will start playing at 6 pm.

But wait!  There’s more!!

As part of our planning and discussion the BUUM’s wanted to make sure that those of you who are fond of attending or hosting special summertime events in which the proceeds are donated back to the Fellowship, get a chance to offer them so that they may be enjoyed during the upcoming summer while the weather is good. 

Some of you may enjoy participating in (or hosting) a good old fashioned “Porch Sit” and this is the chance you’ve been waiting for.   You may have another activity that you would like to donate such as a canoeing or kayaking Saturday or a cocktail party or a “cook out”.  Anyone who would like to host such an activity can either take bids or set a fixed price, for those lucky enough to be first in line.  Please be thinking about your event(s) and communicate them to either Ken Clayborn (), Terry Mark () or Chuck Bower () before Sunday, May 26, 2019. That way we will have an idea how to set up the schedule for the event on June 8th.