In a kindergarten class the students are allowed to draw whatever they want. As the teacher walks between the desks, she stops at Susie’s and asks what she is drawing with such concentration. “God.” says Susie. The teacher responds, “Oh, nobody knows what God looks like!”  To which Susie responds, “They will when I finish this drawing.”

Creativity is our theme and in its exploration I thought of this story. Each of us has our own understanding of God, or the divine, or that which is important to us. Is it embodied? Gendered? Or is it a shapeless energy? Is there nothing that guides the universe, and chaos or randomness rules? What does THAT look like? Talking about a part of ourselves that we cannot see and are never really sure about requires some creativity.

When we are creative, however that looks—acting in a play, putting brush to canvas, singing or creating music—however we choose to create something, I believe we are expressing our inner divinity. Our spirituality, our creativity, both are conduits to another realm.

Creativity is naturally within each of us. Some may have more talent or skill at expressing it, but we all have it. When we experience something that sparks our spirit, the heart skips a beat. Feelings arise. Think about the feeling we get from singing together. Creating that sound is uplifting just as it feels to view a piece of our making. Or tasting a recipe that came out great. How does your understanding of God or the divine interact with your feelings in these transcendent times? Perhaps art is God for you?

Creativity is a link between this world and the next. The whole month of May we will be surrounded by miracles as we view the blooms and blossoms of Spring, but Nature is not a solo artist. Pick up a crayon, paintbrush, sewing machine, or piano and show us where your Spirituality is. Be like that Kindergartener, Susie, who just wanted to share and educate what her God looked like. Create!

In peace with love,

Rev. Amy