August’s theme is Color. Often people differentiate between color or black and white. Well, black and white are colors, too. Sometimes when something is simply stated, it is said to be in black and white, while somebody adding unnecessary yet interesting speech is called color commentary. Funny, huh?

With these paradoxes in my mind, I think of the anniversary we recently celebrated, of my being with you for 10 years. Some of ministry is very black and white—what we should do, what we should not. Sermons or newsletter pieces with colorful descriptions are preferred over black and white statements. Mostly I am the spiritual leader of the fellowship and the public face for social justice issues—colorful. But I also have an actual letter of agreement as your minister. It includes a part allowing for evaluation, and another that reads:

The Minister along with the Committee on Ministry will submit a detailed plan, including specific goals and objectives for the ministry. This plan will be subject to revision and approval upon mutual agreement of the Minister and the Board and progress evaluated.

That term, THE MINISTRY—it means all of us. The work we do is our ministry. Below are some of the things that the Committee on Ministry and I submitted and we have discussed. There were more but they all told me to be realistic! Which ones spark your spirit? Let’s talk in August and September so that we have
a great beginning of year 11.

* Teach an adult RE class

* Clearly define what being a Sanctuary Congregation means to UUFE by creating a Sanctuary group

* Form Small Group Ministry program

* Rally more church people to participate in social justice actions

* Re-institute Tea with the Minister each month or 6 weeks


I look forward to lots of colorful interaction with all of you!

In peace and with love,

Rev. Amy