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Why does a chicken cross the road? If the chicken is a smart chicken, they cross the road to get to the Frenchs’ house in Goshen. There is a top-notch chicken coop there with plenty of good food and good care. And that’s not all. The music there is just great and the surroundings are very pleasant, with lots of helpers coming and going to the Church Community Services Seed to Feed Garden beside the house.

This is the Woodsbrook Neighborhood Memorial Garden and the Frenchs are the brains and much of the labor behind this effort. In addition, they have donated the land to install the garden. Several members of UUFE help tend this garden in support of CCS’s efforts to help provide vegetables for those who may not have consistent access to fresh foods.

The UUFE Board of Trustees unanimously voted to make the dynamic duo of Chris and Patty French as our Volunteers of the Month in August. We want them to realize how much we appreciate them as members of our UUFE community.

In addition to donating garden space and labor, they provide music for us every month during the fourth Sunday service. Every year they are the leaders of the Jazz Brunch in late June. Chris arranges the music and the musicians while Patty prepares superb services to make those Sundays even more special.