Members of the the UUFE choir are (from left) Emily Morrison, Steve Cripe, Judy Weiss, Daniel Moore, Joan Clayborn, Evan Lefever, Carolee Searles and Pam Wycliff.


The re-constituted UUFE choir made a smashing debut with a performance of “Mother Earth, Beloved Garden” at the Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, service.

Organized by member Steve Cripe, the group has been practicing on Wednesday evenings with pianist Evan Bennett.

Other members of the choir are Joan Clayborn, Evan Lefever, Daniel Moore, Emily Morrison, Carolee Searles, Judy Weiss and Pamy Wycliff.

Here’s how they sounded on Sunday:

The song is from a supplemental hymnal, “Singing the Journey,” that is relatively new to many of our members. So this performance will help us learn the song for future use in a service.

The plan is for the choir to perform about once a month.

Thanks, Steve, for the work in putting the choir together. Everyone sounded great!