June’s post in the From the Minister blog is a guest column by member Katrina Wilson:

The ministry theme for June is “Zest.”


  • great enthusiasm and energy.
  • a quality of excitement and piquancy.
  • the outer colored part of the peel of citrus fruit, used as flavoring.

And because I had to look it up …


  • a pleasantly sharp and appetizing flavor
  • the quality of being pleasantly stimulating or exciting.

I would like to have it said that I live with zest. I also sense that is unfortunately not the way my personality expresses itself to the world. Being an optimist and a foodie, I like this word zest for the experience it promises in all of its definitions.

There are several people that I think of in relation to this passionate quality of living. The first I’ve never met but we all know her. How can you resist the positive vibes of Ellen? She shows, every day that you tune in, how to affect lives with positive enthusiasm.

Second, I don’t know her personally though some of you do, I’ve heard marvelous stories of the vivacity of Elkhart’s own Babette Boling. I’ve seen it in action myself with the performances of her drumming groups “Raise the Bar” and “Golden Beats.” Watch for
them at local events.

Third, I think of listening to my son’s zestful laugh when he sees or hears something that strikes the right chord — an all-out loud, long, takes-his-breath-away type of tickled enjoyment. That’s “worth the price of the ticket” for me.

Whether zest is something in the way you behave or something you more often see in those around you, it is a motivating force, a buoy to both our activities of daily living and the projects we take on to better our communities. What better month than June, with warm sun and fresh breezes, to look for ways to stoke this passion — this zest — for ourselves and those around us?

Irrepressibly yours,

Katrina Wilson