In the past week Indiana went into the yellow for COVID risk. With that, according to our COVID task force/board agreement, we are now able to have groups of 25 within our building. If we are yellow again this week, we will be able to have up to 50 people in the building. 

On Sunday, February 27, a few members met in our Gathering Place to test out what it would be like to have people in person for services as well as have the ability for folks to attend from home. This hybrid service took a lot of time and expertise by Carl Rust and Terry Mark.  And…..they did it! 

So, next Sunday, March 6, we will be open for at least 25 people to attend in person if they wish and perhaps even up to 40 (that last 10 will be those of us who will be there to guide the process). And we will also have the service via Zoom as we have had for so long and it will be interactive and inclusive for all whether online or in person.

If you would like to attend the service next week in person, please send a note to Pam Wycliff indicating you wish to attend at . We will only  be able to have a limited number of members and friends. If you want to attend but don’t register, you may come but if the limit in attendance has been met, you may not be able to come in. 

Only the south door inside the building will be open as the service will be in the Gathering Place. Chairs will be distanced. There will be someone at the door checking for your registration. We will ask that you wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer once inside. There will be someone there to help everyone to find a seat. If there are more than one in your group, you can move the chairs into a pod which will then be spaced from the other chairs. We will have no coffee, no food. Singing perhaps may happen with folks wearing their masks. Recently the CDC has changed their guidelines about need for masking so there is the potential that folks may not need to wear masks but we need to review the new CDC guidelines.  Keep checking for updates.