UUFE Member Spotlight – Gordon and Phyllis Hostetler

UUFE Member Spotlight is a regular feature introducing members of our fellowship and their unique story. Let’s meet Gordon and Phyllis Hostetler, longtime members of UUFE since 1972, in their own words:

We became Unitarian Universalists (we’re former Mennonites) when we moved to Hamden, Ct., in 1969 and could not find a Mennonite congregation in the area. We liked the UU humanist philosophy which seemed to match the philosophical side of Mennonites.

We moved back to Elkhart in 1972 and found UUFE and decided that it would be good to continue our UU membership here. We have engaged in a number of activities at UUFE over the years. We have each served on the board and Gordon has been president twice (though one of the times he was absent from meetings a lot because of work assignments). We have taught Sunday School and have been members of many committees. Phyllis has been on the Archive and History committee for a long time. Gordon has been involved with the Endowment and Finance committees over the years.

We have many interests. Phyllis knows all about food types and preparation including Indian dishes (Gordon grew up in India from age 4 to 17). Gordon enjoys thinking about stock investment and has been a member of a stock investment club for many years. Phyllis is a member of two book clubs, Riverside and Literary Tea. We both like music (recorded and live), reading, and Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

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