Guest Speaker

Come Anyway

Rev. Amy is working to have a fantastic guest speaker but as of printing it has not been confirmed. Come anyway. Be with your church friends and Rev. Amy as either she or a guest give the service.

Lessons My Daughter Taught Me

November is Transgender Awareness Month. Come to church this morning to hear the Almost Rev. Kevin DeBeck share what he has learned so far as the parent of a trans teen.

I am not a Dreamer

Dara Marquez speaks to us this morning. Recently UUFE had a vigil for those of us here praying for those in DC witnessing, being arrested, and learning. Dara shares her knowledge and wisdom about DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Dreamers.

Wellfield Botanic Gardens

The guest speaker is Eric Garton, the Robert and Peggy Weed executive director of Elkhart’s Wellfield Botanic Gardens.

April 24: Longing for Belonging

Humans have a physical need to belong to something bigger than themselves. Meadville Lombard Student and Minister Wife Kevin DeBeck will discuss the issues of belonging and why we have a longing to belong.