Topic: Belonging

From Me to We

 In this life we are all looking for a sense of belonging, friendship, security, safety…in many different ways. When is associating a good thing and what do we do if it goes terribly wrong? Let’s take deep dive into the question, Whose are we?

Steve Cripe on MWLS

Steve Cripe will share with us the lessons from and the values upheld at Midwest Leadership School (MWLS)

Beyond the Binary

Mixhi Marquis, Director of Mosaic Healing and Arts in Goshen, presents a service for us today on being a good ally for people whose lives are different from yours.

Lessons My Daughter Taught Me

November is Transgender Awareness Month. Come to church this morning to hear the Almost Rev. Kevin DeBeck share what he has learned so far as the parent of a trans teen.

Roots, Hold Me Close

Each of us remembers the first time we had big questions. Who helped you find answers? Where did you feel most lovingly held?

Memory and spirit lead this morning.

April 24: Longing for Belonging

Humans have a physical need to belong to something bigger than themselves. Meadville Lombard Student and Minister Wife Kevin DeBeck will discuss the issues of belonging and why we have a longing to belong.