Speaker: Rev. Amy DeBeck

Annual Water Ceremony

We bring water to this ritual that is important to us. This year, along with telling of our travels, we will focus on the sources of the water and its need for environmental protection.

Bring some drops of water that are meaningful to you as we … read more.

Super Heroes, All of Us

Elkhart is hosting a Comic-Con (vention) this weekend!  Why are superheroes so important to us? And what about the diverse spiritualities of this genre?

Our Work

The ways in which people pay their way in this country is constantly changing. On this Labor Day we lift up the histories and ethics of work from Labor Day and company picnics to sharecropping and migrant pickers.

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Join us for the annual Blessing of the Backpacks and ritualizing new beginnings. After the service we will enjoy each others’ company at the 50 Mile Potluck.

The Meaning of the Mizpah

From the Bible, this is a symbol of the request for God to keep watch over beloveds while they are apart. On this last Sunday before Kevin leaves us to assume leadership of another congregation, Rev. Amy preaches on covenants and callings. What is your … read more.

Healthy Masculinity

Happy Father’s Day message from Rev. Amy. We are surrounded by and mired by toxic elements of what our culture has done to men’s divinity. May we extol the non-toxic, lifting up the goodness of those who identify as male. Potluck—this week AND next!

For So The Children Come

On this Sunday we celebrate Mother’s day with our annual Flower Ceremony, commemorating the Rev. Norbert Capek. Bring a flower and go home with a different one, a communion and exchange symbolizing our differences even as we are all beautiful.

Earth Day Every Day

The history of Earth Day has a link to Unitarian Universalism, just as its message to save our Mother earth runs through every living thing.