Speaker: Rev. Amy DeBeck

Don’t Stop Believin’

Our theme this month is Journey. Come to UUFE as we recall our journey from being two Christian Denominations to our pluralist faith today.

Black Migrations

This year’s theme of Black History Month takes us through what we can do as a people of faith with and for people of color who are moving to new destinations and new social locations. Join us and stay for potluck.

Living At Risk (postponed from Jan 27)

More people go to sleep every night feeling unsafe than what we might think. In our own neighborhoods and across the world, we need to keep finding hope. May we look at this together, friends.

Living at Risk

All over the world and right in our back yards people live in situations where they are at risk of exploitation, violence, and abuse every day. As people of faith, what can we do about this? Come together, friends.

The Content of their Character

On this weekend when we honor Dr. King’s legacy, may we focus on what we teach, what we want to teach, and what we wish for our young people, within our values as a religious community.

Coffin to Cradle

The 12 days of Christmas are over, the New Year is upon us. What will you bury in the coffin and give birth to in the cradle? Join us for this annual tradition.

Freedom to Dissent

Some of the world’s greatest movements have happened because of somebody going against the orthodoxy. Come this Sunday knowing that you may have to agree to disagree.

Deck the Halls

As we lift up some winter celebrations of light we will decorate our Sanctuary and Gathering Place together.