Speaker: Rev. Amy DeBeck

From Me to We

 In this life we are all looking for a sense of belonging, friendship, security, safety…in many different ways. When is associating a good thing and what do we do if it goes terribly wrong? Let’s take deep dive into the question, Whose are we?

New Member Sunday

What compelled you to join a religious community? Or not? As we look at the ways that we approach organized religions through time, we will welcome people who have joined us recently.

The Building of a Minister

Next week UUFE ordains Kevin DeBeck to the UU ministry. Today, with some history, polity, hope, and tradition we will contemplate why professional ministry is vital to our religion.

3 Out of 10

Today at Four Winds Field in South Bend, it is Faith Day. Rev. Amy uses baseball as an allegory for being considered good enough for the Hall of Fame when, in fact, one only needs to hit during 3 out of 10 at-bats. Stay for the tailgate party and movie (inside) or game ( in South Bend.)

Question Box Sermon

Rev. Amy has put a box in the lobby for the whole month of July and on this morning she will answer questions from the box.  Nothing is off limits but she may not have the answer—come and see.

New Hope Rising

Rev. Amy shares wisdom and insights from her 14 years of ministry. Spoiler alert: UUism is still relevant and saves lives.

Boredom Is Not an Option

Curiosity is really the mark of intelligence, not collected knowledge. The thrill is in the pursuit; finding it is satisfaction. What are you curious about? The Annual Congregational Meeting follows the service.

Mother’s Day Flower Ceremony

We celebrate the nurturing energy of women this day as we honor the tradition of Norbert Capek’s Flower Ceremony. Bring a flower with you and take home a different one.