Speaker: Rev. Amy DeBeck

Preparing the Way

In the week before Easter, in our season of Spring and month of wholeness, how shall we prepare for new ways of being?

Yellow and Gold

Rev. Amy brings her love of Van Gogh’s work to UUFE so that we may appreciate how beauty, art, and connection feed our souls.


Celebrate women’s history month by delving into the histories of some amazing women. Exactly which women will be determined by who comes up at the first Women’s Poetry Group meetings.

Three Legged Chair

When Maeve Smucker and her 2 friends come to provide excellent music in this special service, you may recognize that she called UUFE home during her college years. Join us for the journey.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Our theme this month is Journey. Come to UUFE as we recall our journey from being two Christian Denominations to our pluralist faith today.

Black Migrations

This year’s theme of Black History Month takes us through what we can do as a people of faith with and for people of color who are moving to new destinations and new social locations. Join us and stay for potluck.

Living At Risk (postponed from Jan 27)

More people go to sleep every night feeling unsafe than what we might think. In our own neighborhoods and across the world, we need to keep finding hope. May we look at this together, friends.

Living at Risk

All over the world and right in our back yards people live in situations where they are at risk of exploitation, violence, and abuse every day. As people of faith, what can we do about this? Come together, friends.