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Improving Lives-Soup of Success Program with Sue McDonald

Soup of Success is a program by Church Community Services of Elkhart, which empowers women, inspires hope, and builds community, to make positive changes in their lives. Sue McDonald is the counselor for this successful program which has led to many improved lives for women in Elkhart.

Impressions of Summer – Led by Judy Darnel

This service will feature poetry read by members of the congregation, led by Judy Darnel, and featuring related hymns and music. The theme is “Impressions of Summer”.

Seed to Feed Program with Kurt Bullard

Kurt Bullard will speak at our Fellowship about his involvement with the Seed to Feed program in Elkhart, which is run by Church Community Services. This will be July 17th at 10 am. Bullard Garden has been a partner garden of the Seed … read more.

Independence Day Potluck/Picnic

Worship and arts is planning a different sort of Sunday on 7/3. Instead of a regular service, in honor of the holiday weekend we would like to have a picnic themed Sunday starting at 11 AM instead of 10.

Summer Solstice

Lorna Lane is a member of our Covenant of UU Pagans. Our group has provided several informative services over the past few months, and we look forward to another from Lorna which will focus on the Summer Solstice.

Here is the link for weekly worship … read more.

Family Stories

Join us at 10 am as Shari Mellin will present a message published by the UUA for congregations to use. This Father’s Day the sermon she is presenting is “Family Stories” by Marjorie Bowen-Wheatley and alludes to the fact that healing families and … read more.


Join us at 10 am as Chuck Bower speaks on the topic of Resilience. What have we learned in the last two years about ourselves? Our world and society challenges us in many ways. Are we prepared to overcome the pandemic, and the loss of … read more.

Keys to Spiritual Maturity

The Rev. Dr. Jimmy Clifton will share a message on this 1st Sunday morning, at 10 am, in June.

Rev. Dr. Jimmy Clifton will be weaving our June theme of blessings into his message.  When we feel blessed, we feel love, and we give love.  It … read more.

Human Condition with Rev. Sharon Dittmar

American Society has acculturated us to ideas about how our bodies should look and function. There are norms for everything from weight to brain functioning. Many of us spend a good deal of time trying to meet these norms in defiance of our beautiful diversity, … read more.