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Sages, Hags, and Wise Women

On this last Sunday of Women’s History Month, bring a friend you have been thinking of inviting when we celebrate the wisdom of women and the people who love and support women.

Our Future

Greek wisdom says “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”  When we think about generations to come as a top priority we might find the courage and energy to change the way we act … read more.

A Puzzling Issue

Money does not solve problems, but it gives us more choices on how to solve them. On this Sunday let’s break the green ceiling and approach money spiritually.


Guest speaker Saulo Padilla delivers the message today based on his experiences working with immigrants, and lessons from his own life.

March First, Then Act

Motivated by the phrase, “March First,” Rev. Amy shares some wisdom about the importance of marches and protests.

Justice, Faith, and Power

This week across our region and the world many people will be entering Lent, a time to reflect on sacrifice. We will look at the sacrifice required for justice work and how to be resilient in that pursuit. Town Hall Meeting to Follow

Rev. Amy’s Choice

In honor of my birthday (February 6,) I will deliver a sermon on the topic of my choice.  Come for an inspiring service.

The Day the Music Died

This morning we honor the popular music (and the stories therein) through the decades that has shaped our Spirituality.