The theme for June is Simplicity. I confess, I falter with this, this month. There is nothing simple about re-entry back into congregational life after a six month sabbatical. Nothing simple about bidding farewell to our intern to whom many of us turned this last year. Nothing simple about preparing to attend a national convention (our General Assembly) with so many congregants there AND my serving on the Right Relations Team.

Yet simplicity is there. Natural, easy to understand feelings are there: I missed you and am happy to be back serving. I was so happy to give my full attention to my family, which I have never been allowed to do as I have always balanced motherhood and ministry simultaneously.

Simplicity in actions are there. Listening to you, writing sermons, attending meetings, praying for peace, working for justice.

Dreams for our future together are natural, plain, and easy to understand even if the details are decidedly complex because community, justice, and love are at each dream’s center.

Simplicity is what we have when all else falls away or is stripped away. No matter how many details must be addressed as I seek that old balance of motherhood and ministry, of personal and professional, of secular and sacred, the feelings, thoughts, dreams, and actions that are natural, plain, and easily understood will save the day. Every single time.

As the weather warms us, seek simplicity, or let it settle in for a spell. Don’t worry about dressing up those feelings, thoughts, or dreams in anything fancy—simplicity is beautiful.

In peace with love,

Rev. Amy