Linda Becker, Board President

We are coming close to the end of another UUFE “church” year, topped off by two fundraising events. Both the Garage Sale and our Ooey Gooey Auction were very successful. Your Board of Trustees extends a thank you to all those who were able to assist and participate with these large projects.

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, UUFE was scheduled for a change of all the locks in the main building; however, after a presentation by Building and Grounds Chairperson, Karen Kehr, and Board discussion, we are considering a change to having a security system. More information will follow.

An excellent summary of the Love Reaches Out Program presented by the Membership Task Force was discussed by your Board and we are now anticipating more information and recommendations to continue this discussion.

At the Annual Meeting our General Assembly Delegates, Shari Mellin and Mary Perron, Nominating Committee Member, Charles Lane, Stewardship Committee Members, T. J. Shaum and Shari Mellin, Endowment Committee Member, Don Hershberger, and new Board of Trustees members, Steve Cripe and Terry Mark, were confirmed. The Congregation also confirmed the revised Membership By-laws and Endowment Policy.

Your Board of Trustees for 2016-2017


Oxana Werbiansky


Geneele Crump-Campagnoli


Chad Crabtree
Larry Cherniak
Terry Mark
Steve Cripe


Ken Clayborn


Amber Ferrebee

The Treasurer wishes to remind everyone that the end of the church year is the end of June. If you have outstanding pledges to fulfill please make every effort to do that if at all possible and if you are unsure just let me know and I will check for you.

Thanks…Ken Clayborn