The UUFE Board of Trustees invite you to join a Small Group Discussion in which we will have deep, reflective conversation on our congregation’s history and thoughts on our current state. The first step is selecting your preference for the best time and day to participate.

Click the following link and indicate your preference:

UUFE Small Group Discussion 

These groups will be held for at least two rounds and we will make every effort to stay consistent. We are planning for one-hour meetings that may go a bit longer in some cases.

Rules for Small Groups
  1. Only one person speaking at a time
  2. No interrupting 
  3. All ideas are good, none are bad
  4. OK to pass
  5. Anything else?

Questions for Round 1

  1. How do you feel about the last 14 years (or however long you have been with UUFE)?
    1. What made you happy about UUFE?
      1. What are we currently doing or have done in the past?
    2. What made you sad about UUFE?
    3. There are lots of responses to the departure of Amy as our minister. As you’ve been processing this, what are the things that stay with you? 
    4. What are some of the gifts you received from Amy? 
  2. What are the strengths of UUFE?
  3. What are the weaknesses of UUFE?
  4. If UUFE disappeared tomorrow, who would we want to miss us?
  5. What questions do you still have?