Who is that individual you can always call? Who is always there? Who stays after everyone else has left the building? Who is already at the fellowship when you arrive? Who is the person you have seen emptying the garbage, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, filling up paper towel holders, making sure all the hymnals sitting on the chairs are facing the correct direction? She welcomes our visitors. She plans our parties, does the shopping, invites the guests, puts up the decorations, cuts the cake and makes the punch.

She is a member of five committees: Archives, Committee on Ministry, Sabbatical, Membership, and Building and Grounds. Probably, if asked, she would be a member of more committees.

Whenever you turn around, you will find Joan Clayborn giving to our Fellowship. Giving with a bright, happy smile and always caring. Caring about you, your family, and your friends. Aren’t we glad that we can call Joan our friend.

Thank you, Joan.