With long sunny days and green fields everywhere, August’s theme of DELIGHT is easily imagined. Delight is more than enjoyment—it’s an invitation to a multi-sensory experience. Imagine the delight of standing on the ocean shore and listen-ing to the waves, smelling the salt air, and feeling the ocean breeze. Where do you find delight?

Worship done right can evoke delight.

Being in the presence of loved ones can be delightful.

A job well done can bring not just satisfaction, but delight, especially when the fruit of your labors can be enjoyed by others.

Think about that hobby/craft/art that in itself is enjoyable. Is it cooking? Watercolor? Quilting? Or just spending time outdoors somewhere? When you take the product of your enjoyment and invite someone to share it with you, you’re inviting them to share in your delight.

If you find UUFE to be delightful–our community, our worship, our resiliency–share it with someone. With a new school year starting, and national news that is continually frustrating, it is important to recharge. Think of someone you know who would delight in the beautiful artwork, in singing together, or finding a whole community to walk with them. And then indulge in the delightful experience of having them sit next to you, at YOUR church.

As summer gives way to fall, remember to recharge and find delights along the way.

by Rev. Amy DeBeck