The Board of Trustees at UUFE would like to send best wishes to our members and friends at the end of this year.

December is especially poignant this year since we are saying goodbye to our minister, Rev. Amy DeBeck, who has served us well since 2008. See this message from the Committee on Ministry on safe ways that you may say your goodbyes to Rev. Amy.

Indiana’s unfortunate “Covid Red” status makes it, sadly, impossible to meet in large groups inside the fellowship to give Rev. Amy a real, rip roaring, send off.  We hope that you will take advantage of the chance to meet with her and bid her a proper farewell.

The Board would also like to make sure that you all know that we are working on safe approaches to allow us to meet with everyone, after the first of the year, to discuss possible new directions for the fellowship. Obviously, no one knows what the future holds but we want to make sure that we include as much input as possible from our members and friends. For example: What attracted you to the fellowship to begin with?  What are the issues, either local or nationwide, you feel most passionately about?  What makes it worthwhile for you, even during the pandemic, to maintain your relationship with the fellowship?

There are many other details we may explore so we want everyone to be thinking about that discussion. Some of the conversations may be by Zoom and some may be by telephone depending on individual circumstances. Also, depending on the Covid level, we may be able to have some discussions in person. We want to make sure no one feels forgotten during this stressful time.