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Board update on UUFE transition process

The Board of Trustees at UUFE would like to send best wishes to our members and friends at the end of this year.

December is especially poignant this year since we are saying goodbye to our minister, Rev. Amy DeBeck, who has served us well since … read more.

Opportunities to say farewell to Rev. Amy DeBeck

A message from UUFE’s Committee on Ministry:

As we know, Rev. Amy will be leaving on December 31 after 13 years with us. 

This message outlines her time that she has left with us and lists ways to be involved in this transition, including goodbyes. After December 26, … read more.

Volunteer of the Month: Ken Clayborn

In baseball, a relief pitcher is the person brought in toward to save or rescue the game at the end.

UUFE has its own star “relief pitche”‘:  Ken Clayborn.

Currently, he is continuing the effort to restore and improve the parking lot west of Garden Street. Dissatisfied … read more.