Author: Amy DeBeck

Integrity | Minister’s Blog

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the movie about Mister Rogers, is not only doing well because of Tom Hanks being a great actor, or Fred Rogers having been a great guy, but because our country needs to see anybody model some integrity so badly.  … read more.


Making something beautiful, seeing or listening to something beautiful, and certainly the creation of something beautiful, are all acts of resistance against any system that is trying to keep us down, in any and all ways.

How do we know we are in the presence of … read more.

Curiosity (May 2019 Minister’s Blog)

Both Eve and Pandora were set up to fail and have carried too much misplaced blame. In the month of May let us see curiosity for what it is—a gift.

Eve lived in Paradise but was told she could not eat from the tree of knowledge … read more.

Thoughts on Wholeness

The theme for the month of April is Wholeness. Back when I was in seminary, the Unitarian Universalist Association was doing a lot of work in the area of anti-racism which culminated in the program Journey Toward Wholeness. According to the UUA website, the work … read more.

February Blog/Ministry Theme “Trust”

Radical Trust

Our theme developers define trust in this way: the practice of commitment and faith in a love that won’t let us go. I think of trust falls, where a person willingly falls backward, trusting that their friends will catch them, not letting them go, … read more.

Growing pains

General Assembly 2017 for the Unitarian Universalist Association was one of growing pains.


For some reason, New Orleans had never been on my radar as somewhere to visit.

When the Unitarian Universalist Association announced that our General Assembly would be in hot, sweaty, humid New Orleans in … read more.