Rev. Amy DeBeck

North Pole Monologues

Our annual Christmas pageant features a series of original vignettes and musical performances featuring our talented Youth Group. This is the third year of this unique UUFE tradition.


In the middle of the 8 days of Hanukkah, Rev. Amy reminds us about the importance of supporting our Jewish friends and neighbors in this season of light. Potluck after.

Theology of Hope for Right Now

Moltmann said that rather than waiting for some pie in the sky someday, we must hold hope for a better future now. Our second hour will be the LEGO celebration party with sharing of pictures.

Ethnic Bread Communion

We bring the breads of our heritage and have the opportunity to speak of them during the service. After the service, we have our monthly Potluck so we can enjoy all of our ethnic breads!

My Cup Runneth Over

From the 23rd psalm, which extolls the joy of the person filled with God’s love, we get the image of somebody being so filled with abundance that their cup (soul) overflows. In your life, what fills you up past the brim?

That Is Scary

The UUFE Youth Group, called the Pandas, help Rev. Amy with the service this weekend. Be sure to come to this service, then, later in the evening, bring back your decorated car full of candy for neighborhood Trunk or Treat.

If You Weren’t Afraid

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What holds you back? Let’s look at courage on this Sunday.

Blessing of the Animals

In honor of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, let us celebrate our non-human family. Bring pictures of your fur babies, or of those who have passed on. Bring your teddy bears to be blessed. And for this special service, bring your real animals, too.

Founders Day

Each year the first Sunday of October is given to Founders Day. Let’s talk about our history and the path our theologies have taken us on.