Rev. Amy DeBeck

Earth Day Every Day

The history of Earth Day has a link to Unitarian Universalism, just as its message to save our Mother earth runs through every living thing.

Render Unto Caesar

We will celebrate the separation of church and state even as we navigate on how to exist as a faith community in a secular world. After service: Potluck and discussion about our parking lots.

The UUA and the USA

In advance of our youth going to Boston, where our headquarters is, we explore how Unitarianism and this new nation came up together, with all of their inherent good and bad traits.

The Highwire

Family, work, church, friends, staying healthy; life is a balancing act but there is no need to tiptoe precariously, always in danger of a big fall. May we come together for a moment to breathe, bask, and reflect.

March Forth!

When kids tell adults how things will change, then things will change. Jesus said a child will lead us. Join us in praise of students who want to change their world and ours for the better.

Steadfast as a Growing Tree

During this month when perseverance is the theme, the term “steadfast” comes up often. It appears on our fellowship’s banner and is often used in biblical scripture. What does it mean to be steadfast?

Never Give Up

Of all the things requiring perseverance, meaning to get through the struggle Over and Over Again, civil rights for people of color is certainly in our hearts most. Being perseverant takes our hearts, minds, feet, and hands.  May we celebrate Black History month.