Speaker: Rev. Amy DeBeck

Freedom to Dissent

Some of the world’s greatest movements have happened because of somebody going against the orthodoxy. Come this Sunday knowing that you may have to agree to disagree.

Deck the Halls

As we lift up some winter celebrations of light we will decorate our Sanctuary and Gathering Place together.

Ethnic Bread Communion

During what has become a UUFE tradition we bring the breads of our families and share the memories of our roots. Then after the service we add to all of these breads for a sumptuous Thanksgiving Potluck.

Peace, not War

On the 100th year anniversary of the original Armistice Day may we see how our culture has taken this day of peace and turned it into Veterans Day, celebrating military forces who have, or still are, engaged in war.

Safe Spaces

What does it men to create or hold safe space for groups? Why is this even necessary? As many of us seek to move from being allies to accomplices these are some shifts we need to know about and make.


We will discuss all of the ways we can provide Sanctuary during the service. After, during potluck, Rev. Amy will be at a special table to chat with newer people who might have questions or observations about UUFE at a Tea with the Minister.

Wake Now My Vision

How do you see your future? What about the future of UUFE? The USA? The whole planet? Looking ahead with great intention is a spiritual practice; accepting change, however, challenges us on every front. Come and be with friends as we face hard topics together.

Annual Water Ceremony

We bring water to this ritual that is important to us. This year, along with telling of our travels, we will focus on the sources of the water and its need for environmental protection.

Bring some drops of water that are meaningful to you as we … read more.