Rev. Amy DeBeck

Welcome to the World Wide Web

It was on this day in 1979 that CompuServe introduced email. Rev. Amy will discuss how this new phenomenon has changed us, with a special focus on church life.

Water Ingathering

Bring water that is special to you as we come together in an annual ritual. The gathered waters become our holy water for the next year to bless the sick, our church babies, new houses, and more.

Labor Day

We will look at the intersection of Labor laws and our American lifestyles.

We Are a Sanctuary

but what does that mean? Rev. Amy will discuss all of the ways we can help new Americans. Second Hour: we will take a first run at putting together our Sanctuary guidelines, for later approval and acceptance. Committee chairs meet for a Biannual Committee of the Whole Meeting (COW).

Where Food Comes From

This Sunday encourages us to be sustainable—let us review how we can be better Earth stewards. Second Hour: 50 Mile Potluck (Try to bring dishes using local foods, grown or raised 50 miles away or less.)

Our Future

This morning we will bless the backpacks and other school supplies. The service will be related to how kids and youth are our future. Second Hour: Town Hall Meeting (Discussion on a proposal for a part time Director of Religious Education)


As we deal with sea changes within the UUA and our nation, finding delight is important. What sparks YOUR spirit?

Growth Without Change Is Not Growth

July’s theme is growth and often that is about leaps in membership. So we will celebrate our new members today, but also, for a fellowship to grow in depth and maturity, changes happen too, to accept new people. We will talk about this today!

Roots, Hold Me Close

Each of us remembers the first time we had big questions. Who helped you find answers? Where did you feel most lovingly held? Memory and spirit lead this morning.

Freedom Is Not Free

The Rev. Amy DeBeck takes us on a trip through some of the battlegrounds of freedom on this Sunday before the Fourth of July. This service will also be the debut of our new pianist.