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February Blog/Ministry Theme “Trust”

Radical Trust

Our theme developers define trust in this way: the practice of commitment and faith in a love that won’t let us go. I think of trust falls, where a person willingly falls backward, trusting that their friends will catch them, not letting them go, … read more.


December’s theme is mystery and I cannot think of a better one. In the festivals of light the common theme is mystery; oil supply for Hanukkah, birth of Jesus for Christmas, return of light for pagans, and for secular revelers, all of the surprises Santa … read more.


While there are big events in a person’s life, mostly life is made of many small moments.  Our memories are like that too. We recall the major holidays, and we can look back at things that did not seem important at the time but led … read more.


At the General Assembly in New Orleans all the ministers sang a song together and it has stuck with me. At the onset of many UU groups becoming Sanctuary Congregations it is sung about immigration. At GA we sang it for each other when both … read more.


Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? Or through binoculars? Or at discs in an old-fashioned ViewMaster? All of these items trick our vision with sights and images and perspectives that are not our usual, expected sights.

Experiencing a life-changing situation is like that, too. All … read more.


August’s theme is Color. Often people differentiate between color or black and white. Well, black and white are colors, too. Sometimes when something is simply stated, it is said to be in black and white, while somebody adding unnecessary yet interesting speech is called color … read more.


When we stretch it sends oxygen to our brain and stimulates our circulation. Physical stretching is important but so is mental and spiritual, for clarity and continued health. In a worship service we rely on the ritual, the sameness, the comfort of knowing what will … read more.


One way to feel more connected to your faith community is to participate in the national meeting that is called General Assembly. UUFE gets to send 2 delegates who may vote on matters covered during the plenary sessions, including Actions of Immediate Witness and Statements … read more.