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Sunday, June 24, come to UUFE for our annual Jazz Brunch Worship Service

The service begins at 10:00am with a time of music, reflection and inspirational words, followed by more music and fellowship as we share a potluck brunch together. On this Elkhart Jazz Festival weekend, we will again hear from “French Quarter,” a jazz quartet led by our own Chris French. The group also includes Marian Emery on piano, … Continued

Volunteer of the Month: Terry Mark

The Board dragged a reluctant Board Trustee, Terry Mark, into the spotlight this month to honor his consistent effort in putting together the inaugural Leadership Training Class at UUFE. Although there were lots of other folks who contributed to the effort, with the preparation of presentations and coordination of food for the hungry participants, it was … Continued


One way to feel more connected to your faith community is to participate in the national meeting that is called General Assembly. UUFE gets to send 2 delegates who may vote on matters covered during the plenary sessions, including Actions of Immediate Witness and Statements of Conscience. Our annual General Assembly moves around the country … Continued

May Volunteers of the Month

At the April meeting the UUFE Board of Trustees proudly selected Kevin DeBeck, Zanzer Anderson, and Oxana Werbiansky as Volunteers of the Month for May. They accompanied nine members of our youth group (The Pandas) to Boston for spring break. This trip has been many months in the planning stages and the youth, as well as the leaders, have … Continued

May Ministry Theme “Creativity”

In a kindergarten class the students are allowed to draw whatever they want. As the teacher walks between the desks, she stops at Susie’s and asks what she is drawing with such concentration. “God.” says Susie. The teacher responds, “Oh, nobody knows what God looks like!”  To which Susie responds, “They will when I finish … Continued


This newsletter piece is difficult, because I have not been experiencing balance lately. Maybe you feel that way too. I am looking forward to March’s theme of “balance” to get mine back. Grief, overwork, lack of sunshine, negative 24 hour news cycle, violence in communities dear to my heart, and more, have tilted my axis. … Continued

February Ministry Theme: Perseverance

Perseverance is like endurance, but more. It is facing challenges and hardships that are long and drawn out, enduring over a long period of time. Perseverance is spoken of often in the bible because God’s time is different than ours. 40 years is a blink of an eye, but 7 days might be millions of … Continued