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Mabon Celebration

Heart of the Circle Pagans (CUUPs) invite you to fellowship with them on Saturday September 22 5pm at UUFE.

For more information look them up on Facebook or contact Lorna Lane.

Upcoming Sunday Events

Tea with the Minister September 9

September 9 share Tea with the Minister following the service. If you have questions about Unitarian Universalism or about this congregation, stay after the service for tea and cookies with Rev. Amy as she gives a brief history and fields questions … read more.


Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? Or through binoculars? Or at discs in an old-fashioned ViewMaster? All of these items trick our vision with sights and images and perspectives that are not our usual, expected sights.

Experiencing a life-changing situation is like that, too. All … read more.

Volunteers of the Month

Twin sisters Victoria Mark and Elena Mark were named by the UUFE Board as the Volunteers of the Month for September. Victoria loves being a part of the Broadway Meal Team and she is loved by all her fellow volunteers. Victoria and Elena also enjoy … read more.

Bring Some Things….

On August 19: A token of your upcoming year for “The Blessing of the Backpacks”

Also on August 19: a dish to share with ingredients from local gardens and farms for the annual 50 Mile Potluck

On September 9: a sample of water from a meaningful moment … read more.


August’s theme is Color. Often people differentiate between color or black and white. Well, black and white are colors, too. Sometimes when something is simply stated, it is said to be in black and white, while somebody adding unnecessary yet interesting speech is called color … read more.


When we stretch it sends oxygen to our brain and stimulates our circulation. Physical stretching is important but so is mental and spiritual, for clarity and continued health. In a worship service we rely on the ritual, the sameness, the comfort of knowing what will … read more.